Frequently Asked Questions

What do counsellors do?

Counsellors provide a safe and confidential space to help you look at problems you may be facing or areas of your life that may be troubling you. Counsellors will not give advice, but listen and respond in a way that can help you gain deeper self-awareness as well as more insight in relation to any current life issues.

Can counselling help me?

People seek counselling for a number of reasons, counselling can help you gain more clarity in relation to specific areas of life as well as giving you the space to explore complex personal issues. Counselling can also help you manage anxiety, stress or work through a traumatic event.

How long should I see a counsellor for?

The number of sessions you have will depend on you and the issues you wish to work through in counselling. The process can last a few weeks or a few years, you can discuss this with your counsellor in the first session where you will be supported to think about what is right for you.

How do I arrange a counselling session?

If you are interested in booking a counselling slot you can either call or send an email to arrange an appointment. Once the booking has been confirmed an email (or letter if you prefer) will be sent confirming the booking and giving you details of where to go. If you are unsure about making a booking and would like to talk to someone about counselling or ask any questions please feel free to get in touch.

What will happen on the first session?

The first session is an opportunity for you to meet with your counsellor and for an initial assessment to take place. During this time you will be asked what has brought you to counselling at this time and what you would like to gain from the process, you and your counsellor will then discuss how counselling can help. The first session is also an opportunity for you to see if you feel comfortable with your counsellor and decide if you would like to continue, some people decide this right away, others like to go away and take time to think about it. If you would like to continue working with your counsellor after the first session, you will then negotiate further weekly sessions.